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FrSky - 2.4G Receiver Antenna - 15cm [Fr_24Ant]
FrSky - 2.4G Receiver Antenna - 15cm [Fr_24Ant]
STO NEW 30mm hinge for Multi-Copter[30570007]
STO NEW 30mm hinge for Multi-Copter[30570007]
Motor Reinforcement Mount for Phantom 4pcs/ Golden [80770008]
Motor Reinforcement Mount for Phantom 4pcs/ Golden [80770008]
550E, 600N Canopy Clip [TL6088]
550E, 600N Canopy Clip [TL6088]
XT60 female to 4.0mm male golden connector adapter [50079001]
XT60 female to 4.0mm male golden connector adapter [50079001]
Battery & Remote Control Charger for Inspire 1/PRO (US Plug) [20130428]
Battery & Remote Control Charger for Inspire 1/PRO (US Plug) [20130428]
Align MR25 Lost Aircraft Finder [M425029XXW]
Align MR25 Lost Aircraft Finder [M425029XXW]
GAUI - Quad-copter


I just got the sample is the newest product of GAUI - Quad-copter. The structure of the quad-copter is very simple; there are only 4 motors, 4 ESC, and one 3-axis gyro, nothing else. No any moving parts over there. Not like RC heli, need to fine turn many detail, GAUI quad-copter is very easy to assemble and setup. I only spend about 5 min to plug my receiver then fly.

The GAUI quad-copter is pretty small. It is both compatible with 2s and 3s Li-Po battery. If you will fly it without payload, I recommend using 2s Li-Po. The fly time is about 11 min with 2000mAh. If you will fly it with payload, I recommend using 3s Li-Po. It can carry at most about 600g (with battery) and still has 6min fly time. GU-344 3 axis-gyro support gain channel and has 2 stable modes. One fly mode is kind of AVCS mode, the other one is just like normal mode. I am very surprise it can carry so much heavy payload. The picture is flying with 545g weight payload.

I use my Futaba 9CHP to test it. GU-344 is very sensitive. I use CH5 (gear) for flying mode. Limit setting is 50% for both two modes. The fly control feeling is very similar with RC heli, but much sensitive and response faster. If do not set the limit and EXP of ELE and ELV channels, the control feeling will like fly a 3D heli. So, my limit of ELE and ELV is 50% with -20% EXP. The setting is much easy for indoor fly. You can see the video. You can try limit it more, if you are not expression RC pilot.


Theory, GU-344 is compatible with any 4 motors flying machine. It just put 4 motors, 4 ESC and 4 blades, than can fly. I have asked the question to GAUI, But unfortunately, the answer is 50% ok. GU-344 is compatible with RC ESC and motors, but quad-copter flying control need correct rpm, torque and blade size. If you want to exchange the power system, you need try and error.

The product just look likes a toy but I think the value higher than toy even RC hobby products. This product has the potential for commercial using. Why?

  • The structure is very simple. Very easy to maintain and setup. Not like helicopter, need spend a lot of time to maintain and truing up.  
  • The control is easy (at least easier than RC heli).
  • Fly very stable.

Quad-copter is a good platform for UAV, and GAUI seems already has solutions and will publish more option accessories for this product.

This article was published on Saturday 10 April, 2010.
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